Neymar is a bad pickup artist? Tried to hit on the volleyball twins but got rejected

Neymar is a bad pickup artist? Tried to hit on the volleyball twins but got rejected
Neymar is a bad pickup artist? Tried to hit on the volleyball twins but got rejected
Newstoday – The other day about the volleyball players Kayla and Kate Alves, all the Brazilian media started talking. And that's why. The twin sisters said they rejected the courtship of PSG star Neymar.

Volleyball players Kayla and Kate Alves
Volleyball players Kayla and Kate Alves.

We recently wrote that Neymar has reunited with his ex-girlfriend Bruna Biancardi. Considering this, twin courtship looks strange.

What's happened?

According to Keila Alves, Neymar wrote to both sisters in private messages on social networks. 

“He chatted with my sister before she was in a relationship. Then she started dating someone, and stopped for a while. Then what did he do? He texted me as if we hadn't discussed how he'd hit on her before. These are the things,” said the volleyball player.

When one of the sisters asked why Neymar was writing to the second sister, he allegedly said: “Who knows, maybe I will agree with both of you.”

It turns out that volleyball players rejected Neymar. They already have no end to boyfriends. So the dream of a football player to meet twin sisters is unlikely to come true.

Who are Kate and Keila Alves?

As we said, Kayla and Kate are twins. They were born in 2000 in Brazil. From childhood, the girls loved sports, so they were sent to volleyball.

Now Kayla plays for the Osasco team in the position of libero, and Keith plays for Winhedo in the same position.

The twins are actively filmed in commercials, participate in various promotional videos and filmed in joint photo shoots.

The sisters love to spend time together, support each other and give gifts. In November 2022, Kayla gave Kate a $75,000 Toyota car. In the photo, the girls posed sexy in swimsuits.

“I prepared a surprise for Kate, bought her a small gift, I don’t know if she likes it or not? Like? I'm so happy, I want to cry. Folks, the favela has won! I bought a car for my sister, this is her dream car,” Kayla wrote on social networks.

Want to hype on the name of Neymar?

It may seem that Neymar was slandered and they want to become famous at the expense of his name. After all, he is the star of PSG and the Brazilian national team and is in the top of the highest paid football players in the world. And no one really knows the volleyball twins.

But it is not. Sisters Kate and Kayla are very popular in social networks. Moreover, we have already written about the latter. Kayla is the most famous female volleyball player in the world with 8 million followers. Kate, with her 1.8 million, also does not go unnoticed.

The popularity of Keile Alves is added by a page on OnlyFans. On it, she publishes photos and videos of an intimate nature. Thanks to nude content, a girl earns 50 times more than from a volleyball contract. Kayla subscription costs $13.99 per month. We think Neymar will be able to afford it.

Given the twin sisters' income and popularity, their revelations about Neymar don't look like hype.

Let's add the frivolity and love of a football player, and everything falls into place.

Do you think Neymar really hit on volleyball players or is it all fiction? Write in the comments.

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