4 Steps to Overcome Drug Addiction

4 Steps to Overcome Drug Addiction
Ilustration. 4 Steps to Overcome Drug Addiction.
JAKARTA - Drugs or narcotics and dangerous drugs are one of the substances that can have an addictive effect on the wearer. How to overcome drug addiction becomes even more difficult when the user is already using these dangerous substances in high doses and every day.

Initially, most addicts just fad when using. However, because the impact it gives can provide calm and hallucinations, its use becomes very difficult to stop. If you can't get away from the item, the dose will increase over time. And if it reaches an acute level of addiction, not only social life will be disrupted, health will also decrease and can cause death.

Therefore, if your family or loved ones experience drug addiction, stop using it immediately by seeking emergency help. If it is still in its early stages, addiction can be easily cured as long as it is accompanied by the user's intention to stop.

Characteristics of drug users physically can be recognized if they experience signs such as reduced consciousness, difficulty breathing, experiencing physical and psychological disorders, and convulsions due to an overdose. The sooner help is given, the easier it will be to cure the addiction.

The process doesn't take long, because it's not only physical and health conditions that are returned to normal but also mentally so that they stop and don't use these dangerous goods anymore.

One way to overcome addiction is with rehabilitation. Users can take advantage of the services provided by the National Narcotics Agency so that dependence on illegal drugs can be handled immediately.

4 Steps to Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug users who have experienced addiction, will not easily escape from the trap of these goods. A quick step is needed, one of which is by contacting the National Narcotics Agency. At this official government institution, rehabilitation registration can be done online.

The rehabilitation process will be carried out in total so that users do not return to using these drugs. In general, there are 4 steps taken to overcome drug addiction and they are:

1. Inspection

Examinations are carried out not only by doctors but also by therapists. The examination aims to find out the extent of addiction experienced and whether there are side effects that arise. If the wearer experiences depression or even behavioral disorders, then the therapist will cure these effects and then carry out rehabilitation.

2. detoxification

Overcoming addiction must go through several stages and one of the toughest is detoxification. Here the user must 100% stop using these dangerous drugs. The reaction that will be felt is quite torturous, ranging from nausea to body aches. Besides that, addicts will feel depressed because there is no intake of sedatives that are consumed as usual.

During the detoxification process, the doctor will alleviate the unpleasant effects by giving medicine. In addition, addicts must also drink more water so they don't get dehydrated and consume nutritious food to restore the body's condition. The duration of this process depends on the level of addiction experienced and the determination possessed by the user to recover.

3. Stabilization

After the detoxification process has been successfully passed, then the doctor will apply stabilization steps. This stage aims to help long-term recovery by providing a doctor's prescription. Not only that, thinking about future plans is also directed so that mental health is maintained and not to fall back into the dangers of illegal drugs.

4. Activity Management

Once out of rehab, recovered addicts will return to normal life. Approach is needed with the closest people such as family and friends to monitor the activities of former users. Without the full support of those around you, success in overcoming drug addiction will not be smooth.

Many users who have recovered then try to use these drugs again because of the wrong association. That's why activity management is very important to avoid negative influences.

Overcome with BNN Rehabilitation Services

To overcome the problem of drug addiction, the National Narcotics Agency, or better known as BNN, opened a rehabilitation service called the Balai Besar Rehabilitation located in Bogor.

Drug addicts or abusers will be fully recovered both physically and mentally. It is hoped that after leaving the Rehabilitation Center, ex-addicts can live normally as before and not use illegal drugs again.

To be able to use this service, the guardian of an addict who is not old enough or an addict who is old enough can report or register online by accessing the official website http://rehabilitation.bnn.go.id or you can register online.

In addition, reports can also be submitted to institutions that have been determined by the minister, including health centers, hospitals, and medical rehabilitation institutions.

The services provided by this great hall are quite comprehensive, not only for physical and mental healing but also for spirituality. Some of them are:

Medical Rehab

Medical rehabilitation includes detoxification, medical examinations, handling the adverse effects of drug abuse, psychotherapy, outpatient care, and others.

Social Rehabilitation

Activities carried out at this stage of rehabilitation include seminars, individual counseling, group therapy, static groups, and so on.

Spiritual Activities

This stage aims to strengthen the addict's mentality so that it is stronger to maintain the intention to recover from addiction.

Ability Enhancement

Activities in rehabilitation institutions are also filled with positive activities, one of which is honing the skills possessed by addicts so that the unpleasant feeling of not consuming drugs is distracted.

In addition to the services mentioned above, counseling is also provided for families, psychological therapy, entertainment, recreation, and so on. All services and facilities provided by the BNN rehabilitation center are free of charge except for the provision of personal needs. Registration is even easier via online or coming to the nearest health agency. (*)