Highlighting the hedonistic lifestyle of a tax official's son, Rhenald Kasali: If you want to flex, don't become an ASN!

Highlighting the hedonistic lifestyle of a tax official's son, Rhenald Kasali: If you want to flex, don't become an ASN!
Mario Dandy Satriyo.
Jakarta - Mario Dandy Satriyo (20), son of a tax official named Rafael Alun Trisambodo who was named a suspect in the assault case on Cristalino David Ozora (17) is now in the public spotlight.

Before his name came out in the case of the persecution of David, Mario often showed off his luxury, aka flexing, on his social media account. Mario Dandy Satriyo is said to like uploading short videos about luxury cars and motorcycles.

The luxury vehicles range from Rubicon to Harley Davidson. Responding to this, Professor of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (FEB UI) Rhenald Kasali said that the phenomenon of flexing by the son of a tax official was a very unfair action.

"Flexing is very unnatural, so if you want to flex, don't become a government employee," Rhenald Kasali told BTV in his video statement on Saturday (25/2/2023).

Rhenald Kasali admits that this case is indeed becoming a concern of the wider community in the midst of efforts by the Directorate General of Taxes to increase tax revenues nationally. Rhenald said, the minister had just announced an increase in tax revenue but then had to get to the reality of a case like this in Indonesia which involved the child of a tax official.

Of course this can erode the trust of the Indonesian people towards government employees, especially those who work in the field of taxation.

"In my opinion it is also not fair, this creates a feeling of dissatisfaction in society," he said.

"We also suffer from being chased by tax people and we are annoyed, we have paid the tax amnesty, we have fulfilled our obligations, there are people who are being sought," he continued.

According to Rhenald, the solution to this incident is exemplary. The example that must be shown in the Ministry of Finance (Ministry of Finance), not only the Directorate General of Taxes but also all officials in the Ministry of Finance.

"In fact, we have to introspect and improve ourselves, then be examined," said Rhenald.

He also said that many tax officers have been arrested for corruption cases. Unfortunately, this did not make these individuals give up.

According to Rhenald, if the people want to collect taxes properly, the people also demand that they be given certainty that the money is not being misused and is really being used for sustainable development.

"I don't think this can be justified, every parent who works in the tax office should also educate their children well, this is what society demands," said Rhenald.