How to worry less about money if everything around you is rapidly becoming more expensive

How to worry less about money if everything around you is rapidly becoming more expensive. Panic moods only interfere with making the right decisions.
How to worry less about money if everything around you is rapidly becoming more expensive
How to worry less about money if everything around you is rapidly becoming more expensive. (cover pixabay)
You can consider money as low as you want, with which you cannot buy happiness. But they are an important part of our life. 

Money provides food and security, running water and electricity, and indulging in small and big pleasures. Therefore, it is always alarming when the economic situation changes. 

And she has been doing this all the time in recent years, because many factors influence her.

But panicking is not very productive, especially if there is nothing you can do. 

How to worry less about money if everything around you is rapidly becoming more expensive

This state makes you make rash decisions, exhausts and greatly poisons your life. So it's worth trying to reduce anxiety.

Don't Make Decisions Without Calm Down

Often, anxiety requires you to do something right now because it turns on the fight-or-flight mechanism. 

As a result, a person runs the risk of making a mistake. For example, buy a currency at the peak of the rate, and then lose money. Buy ten televisions in the hope that they can then be sold and save capital. 

And in the end, you have to store these useless boxes in a odnushka. Take a few packages of buckwheat, because everyone takes it, and then remember that you don’t like buckwheat. 

Withdraw money from the deposit and lose all interest.

Moreover, these decisions in some situations may turn out to be correct - except, perhaps, for buying TVs. But it is worth taking them on a sober head, having studied the circumstances and calculated the consequences.

Rationalize problems

Anxiety is a logical response to a threat. The body comes to readiness to be able to quickly respond to the situation. Let's say, if our ancient ancestor saw a predator in the savannah, the body would tense up - so that later it could fight with the beast or run away from it.

But in the current situation, everything is not so simple. If the ruble collapsed, you also want to hide or run away, but where? Clearly there is a threat, but it is completely unclear what to do with it. Accordingly, anxiety will only increase.

However, it is obvious that it is not so much the collapse of the ruble that is scary, but its consequences: imported goods will rise in price, domestic ones, of course, too. 

This means that there is a risk that the salary will not be enough for the most necessary. And if a single person cannot influence the exchange rate , then he can reduce the risks in relation to personal finances.

This is useful not only in money matters. If you are worried, decompose the problem into components, find out what exactly of its consequences scares you. Perhaps they can be influenced.

Minimize Risk Where You Can

When prices increase right before your eyes, there is an impulse to stock up at the current price for the rest of the day. But logic dictates that this will not work. 

Of course, some stew can technically be stored for many years. But will you want to eat it in five years? Buying equipment for life will also not work, gadgets become obsolete pretty quickly.

No one can say for sure what to do with savings when the situation is already developing negatively. Firstly, forecasts are a thankless task, everyone can make mistakes. 

Secondly, if everything is already pretty bad, it is most likely too late to do something drastic. 

The currency has already appreciated. The Russian market has already sunk, while the foreign market has grown.

Inexperienced investors who, only amid worsening economic news, decide to study the issue properly, risk making the wrong decisions . 

For example, in a panic, sell depreciated securities or try to make money on stock price fluctuations. So we were a bit late for this train.

Here's what you can do anyway.

Withdraw some cash

Make a supply of banknotes in the near future to buy what you need. Due to the high load on banking systems, it is likely that not all payments will go through. 

The same danger is fraught with possible interruptions in the work of payment systems. So it's good to have some cash for that.

As for the withdrawal of all money from the accounts, decide for yourself. In crisis situations, experts do not advise doing this, as it negatively affects the banking system. 

But weigh the pros and cons and act according to the scenario that you believe in.

Fill up the fridge

Again, due to the general panic, the load on retail chains has increased. Stores may be empty. So it makes sense to resolve the issue of food for the coming days.

Don't buy for years. By sweeping everything off the shelves, you leave your neighbors without food and fuel panic. But again, it's up to you to decide.

"Shake" the airbag

If you have been saving money for a rainy day at random, it's time to look into the piggy bank and understand what is happening. 

The more money there is, the better. If there is an opportunity to somehow replenish the reserve fund , do it whenever possible.

Cut back on purchases

In turbulent times, saving is what you need. On the one hand, you calm your anxiety because you are doing something. 

On the other hand, savings are always preferable to not very needed goods. Money will help in a difficult situation better than anything else, so you need to stock up on it.

The exception is if you have been postponing for something specific for a long time and are still sure that you need it. Then it makes sense to get what you want before prices jump.

Pay off loans

If you have debts and the ability to close them, do it. Start with the most expensive loans to service. 

If the loan is single and large, so that you cannot pay it off at once, it still makes sense to make early installments. 

And better - with a decrease in the amount of the monthly payment. In this case, if the financial situation gets worse, it will be easier for you to continue paying the loan on schedule.

Do not do this at the expense of the airbag. It is important that in case of problems you have money for several payments.

Relax if nothing can be done

Not all events we are able to influence. But we can easily worry about them. Needless to say, this does not improve well-being. However, something can be done.

Limit Information

In any incomprehensible situation, accusations are poured from social networks on those who are somehow trying to reduce the volume of incoming news. 

Like, you can’t remain indifferent, consider that you are “in the house”. That is, they do it in such a way that people begin to suffer not only from anxiety, but also from shame that they do not experience 24 hours a day.

But the key to success in any business is to keep calm, logical and critical thinking at least by some means.

Doomscrolling , that is, the tendency to view bad news, despite the fact that they upset, is not an assistant in this. 

Let's say you update the page with the exchange rate every hour. What changes from this? Nothing if you don't have a time machine. 

Moreover, if there were, it would make no sense for most Russians to go back and tell themselves to buy thirty dollars. 

Because even then there was nothing to take them. So monitoring the course is only winding yourself up. And this applies to many topics.

Therefore, choose a time when you will go online and fall under an avalanche of bad news. This also applies to social media.


Any adult has a lot of daily routines. In troubled times, there is an impulse to quit: how can you work, comb your hair, wash the floors and children when this happens. But this will still happen, and the work done and clean children are already a lot.


Physical activity is one of the best ways to end the stress cycle . It's all about the same behavior of our ancestor in the savannah, which we have already talked about. 

Both hitting and running are activities that require physical activity. Therefore, in response to stress, the whole body comes into tension: work awaits it.

 Ancient man flees from a predator - and either runs away or dies. We do not take the second option for the development of events. 

And in the first case, a person makes efforts to stop later, and this will be a marker for the body: it is saved, you can to relax.

We are not in the savannah, but the exercises also help us complete the stress response and exhale for a while, creating the illusion that we have been saved.

Learn emergency self-help

Anxiety attacks can be very intense, frightening, with difficulty breathing and numbness in the fingertips. To make it easier, you can try one of the following tricks.
  • Breathe in a square: inhale for four counts, hold your breath for four counts, exhale for four counts, and hold your breath again for four counts. Repeat until it gets easier.
  • Engage your senses: Concentrate on what is happening around you. What smells, what sounds are heard, what your feet feel, what your eyes see.
  • Breathe with your hands: put your hands in front of you so you can see them. Inhaling, turn your palms towards you, exhaling - away from you. Gradually make the movements of the brushes slower and at the same time hold your breath.

Be with loved ones

Money is an important part of life, but not all of your valuable capital. Remind yourself of this to make it easier.