Kaltim Authorities Arrest Three Rope Theft Worth of 80 Million IDR

Ditpolairud Polda Kaltim arrested gangs of three that stole ropes belonging to a foreign ship with a Singapore flag. The gang of thieves managed to get away with ropes of various colors and sold them for Rp80 million.

It started when the five perpetrators boarded the kelotok ship on February 7 and approached the MV Avalon in Balikpapan waters at night. When they got close to the ship, five of them then divided their roles. Three perpetrators boarded the ship through the ship's anchor, while two other perpetrators waited in the kelotok.

Five of them, each with the initials 'AR' (50), 'SE' (43), 'KA' (47), 'AG' (30), and 'SA' (40), are said to be specialists in these rope theft. The Head of Public Relations of the East Kalimantan Police said the rope theft case occurred on the MT Avalon Ship in the Balikpapan City area, but the authorities managed to apprehend the perpetrators.

As for the evidence, the East Kalimantan Police confiscated 1 unit of Klotok Ship, a crowbar, 1 yellow Tros Rope Roll with a size of 1 inch and a length of 200 meters, 2 rolls of green rope measuring 2 inches 1/4 length 220 meters, 1 roll of red Tros rope measuring 1 inch long 100 meters, and 1 roll of blue tros rope measuring 1 inch long 100 meters.(*)