MIND ID Strives To Implement Circular Economy To Reach NZE

MIND ID Strives To Implement Circular Economy To Reach NZE
MIND ID Strives To Implement Circular Economy To Reach NZE.
Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung -  State-run mining industry holding Mining Industry Indonesia (MIND ID) intensifies the application of circular economy in the company’s operation to achieve net zero emissions (NZE).

"The MIND ID Group continues to be committed to promoting the (application of) smart mining in conducting operational activities," president director of the enterprise Hendi Prio Santoso stated at the State-owned Enterprise’s (SOE’s) Commitment on Net Zero Emissions Panel of G20 Side Event SOE International Conference, as quoted from a press release  on Wednesday.

Santoso remarked that the holding company, comprising PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Freeport Indonesia, PT Inalum (Persero), and PT Timah Tbk, remained committed to realizing NZE through the application of a circular economy.

"This (circular economy) approach encourages companies to optimize production, reduce risks, minimize (negative) environmental and social impacts, as well as explore more added value throughout the value chain," he remarked.

The members of MIND ID apply eco-friendly technology, with focus on reducing fuel consumption in mining and mining exploration, he stated.

"We are targeting to reduce emissions by one percent in 2022," the president director stated at the G20 side event held in Bali on Tuesday (October 18, 2022).

Santoso emphasized that the commitment shows the company's attempts to reduce emissions from the energy as well as industrial process and product uses (IPPU) sectors by 15.8 percent in 2030 and to support the Indonesian government's vision to realize NZE in 2060.

“The MIND ID Group's circular economic concept comprised three decarbonization (implementation) pillars, namely Avoid, Reduce, and Mitigate,” he remarked.

Santoso remarked that the "Avoid" pillar highlights the MIND ID Group's commitment to providing, investing, and enhancing low-carbon energy solutions across the value chain.

Furthermore, the "Reduce" pillar reiterates the holding’s attempts to limit emissions as much as possible, while the "Mitigate" pillar underscores the MIND ID Group’s efforts to implement offsetting and carbon capture.

The president director remarked that the principle of circular economy is utilizing resources and raw materials as long as possible as well as manufacturing reusable and recyclable end products with minimal by-products.

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