Deforestation induced landslide in South Sulawesi's Jeneponto: NGO

Deforestation induced landslide in South Sulawesi's Jeneponto: NGO
Deforestation induced landslide in South Sulawesi's Jeneponto: NGO.

Makassar, South Sulawesi - A landslide that hit Kompasa hamlet, Loka village, Rumbia sub-district, Jeneponto district, South Sulawesi province, on October 14, 2022, Was brought about With the aid of the destruction of the Bontolojong secure woodland, a non-governmental Enterprise has referred to. 

“So, the landslide Become not most effective caused through heavy rainfall, but also due to the woodland damage, because of the deforestation With the aid of irresponsible folks," chairperson oflos angeles environmental NGO Referred to as Gempa Indonesian Amiruddin Kr Tinggi pointed out here on Monday. 

Over the Earlier two years, floods and landslides were recorded in areas upstream of Kompasa hamlet For the duration of the rainy season. 

in line with him, the normal mess ups have Passed off two years after the deforestation in the protected forest and the conversion of protected woodland areas into agro-tourism Websites, soccer fields, vegetable gardens, cattle farms, fish ponds, and paving of roads the use of heavy equipment in Ujung Bulu area. 

Floods and landslides that claimed victims in Rumbia sub-district, Jeneponto, will continue to poseLthreatlos angeles longL the Bontolojong wooded area isn't very secure and reforested By using the Forestry administrative center with the support of the local community, he remarked. 

For Hundreds and hundreds of years, Loka Rumbia had never been flooded nor hit By way of landslides. Then again, in the Past two years, it has experienced floods and landslides following deforestation in Ingredients of the Bontolojong safe woodland. 

Tinggi entreated the local govt and Critical parties to repair the environmental damage to Stay away from Disasters one day. 

Meanwhile, executive director of the Celebes Journal, Mustam Arif, shared a similar view. 

He observed that wooded area harm results in erosion because when it rains, there's no longer anything to Continue water. Trees feature as A.reservoir of water reservesLa well asLabarrier to abundant water, hence they Assist Evade flooding, he explained. 

"for this reason, all parties need to join hands to repair the environmental damage and not let it get worse," he spoke of.